PEGGY ORENSTEIN - CINDERELLA ATE MY DAUGHTER: Dispatches from the frontline of the new girlie-girl culture

Feb 17 2011 7:00 pm

Come meet author Peggy Orenstein on Thursday February 17th at 7:00 p.m.,

as she reads from her thought-provoking new book CINDERELLA ATE MY DAUGHTER: Dispatches from the frontline of the new girlie-girl culture.


The acclaimed author of the groundbreaking bestseller ‘Schoolgirls’ reveals the dark side of pink and pretty: the rise of the girlie-girl, she warns, is not that innocent.


In her quest to determine whether princess mania is merely a passing phase or a more sinister marketing plot with long-term negative impact, Orenstein travels to Disneyland, American Girl Place, the American International Toy Fair; visits a children's beauty pageant; attends a Miley Cyrus concert; tools around the Internet; and interviews parents, historians, psychologists, marketers, and others.


While she uncovers some disturbing news (such as the American Psychological Association's assertion that the "girlie-girl" culture's emphasis on beauty and play-sexiness can increase girls' susceptibility to depression, eating disorders, distorted body image, and risky sexual behavior), she also finds that locking one's daughter away in a tower like a modern-day Rapunzel may not be necessary.


Orenstein concludes that parents who think through their values early on and set reasonable limits, encourage dialogue and skepticism, and are canny about the consumer culture can combat the 24/7 "media machine" aimed at girls and hold off the focus on beauty, materialism, and the color pink somewhat. With insight and biting humor, the author explores her own conflicting feelings as a mother as she protects her offspring and probes the roots and tendrils of the girlie-girl movement.


“I wish I’d had Peggy Orenstein’s thought-provoking, wise, and entertaining new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter, to comfort me and to help me navigate the Pepto Bismol pink aisles of the toy store and the cotton candy pink channels of the TV dial. Every mother needs to read this.”

–Ayelet Waldman, author of Bad Mother


“Peggy Orenstein’s addictively readable book manages, somehow, to be simultaneously warm and chilling”

–Rebecca Traister, author of Big Girls Don't Cry: The Election that Changed Everything for American Women


“Reading Cinderella is like hanging out with a straight-talking, hilarious friend; taking a fascinating seminar on 21st century girlhood; and discovering a compendium of wise (but never preachy) advice on raising girls. A must-read for any parent trying to stay sane in a media saturated world.”

–Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out and The Curse of the Good Girl

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